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Zeus Electrosex

Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder

Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder

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For a long time sex toys have been designed to stimulate those spots that send waves of pleasure coursing through your body. Thousands of devices have been made to rub, vibrate and massage those spots. Here at Zeus Electrosex, we believe there is a better way.

Rather than rub those pleasure centers from the outside, our toys send a small current right through them, directly stimulating them. Unlike the electric current that most people are familiar with, ours stimulates the nerves, creating what can be pleasant sensations. Essentially, Zeus Electrosex products make you vibrate from the inside out. Not only can this be incredibly arousing, but many users have been able to achieve hands free orgasms.

Stimulate your partner with a deep thrust and electrical sensation. The Deep Intruder invades with its 9 inches of penetrating action and a convenient accessible handle. This toy works with all of our Zeus Power Units.

Total Length: approx. 14.5"
Insertable Length: 9"
Circumfered: 4.25" mid shaft, 5.125" head
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