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Snake Deep-Reacher Silicone Cocksheath

Snake Deep-Reacher Silicone Cocksheath

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SNAKE cocksheath 11+ inch add-on deepest reachb &includes 3 adjustFITb" custom-fit inserts

SNAKE is the newest addition to our best-selling cocksheath offering. SNAKE is the longest sheath web ve ever produced and the lush, velvety plus+SILICONEb" material feels like the real deal. The tapered design and veiny texture are made for a seriously deep reach. SNAKE includes 3 bullet inserts that let you discreetly customize the inner fit and feel on your shaft. The base is designed for extra grip and to keep SNAKE snugly in place. The girthy size and eye-catching packaging grab attention and stand out in any offering.

  • Longest sheath in our offering
  • Base grips and keeps sheath in place
  • Made of soft, fleshy plus+SILICONEb"
  • Veiny texture adds extra sensation
  • Includes 3 bullet inserts to customize fit
  • Lengthy design and rich colors stand out

Length: 11.3b /29cm
Width: 2.3b /6cm
Shaft hole circumference: 5b /13cm
Inner shaft length: 7b /18cm
Ball hole circumference: 5b /13cm
Smallest usable shaft circumference: 5.5/14cm
Largest usable shaft circumference: 7b /18cm
Weight: 6.7 oz 8.5oz/241grams

ADJUSTFIT inserts: 2.3b -4.3b /6cm-11cm

Height: 5.25b / 13.34 cm 5b /13cm
Width: 11b / 27.94 cm 13b /33cm
Depth: 2.5b / 6.35 cm 2.3b /6cm
Weight: 9.4 oz 12.3oz/349grams

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