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Master Series

Master Series Guzzler Realistic Penis Sheath with Tube

Master Series Guzzler Realistic Penis Sheath with Tube

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Enjoy both latex and water-sports with this Realistic Penis Sheath and Tube! Stretch the latex sheath over your shaft and balls to keep it securely in place and keep all those drips and spills running down the hose instead of your thighs. The texture of the sheath is designed to be realistic so you and your partner can enjoy the look and feel of your black latex rod! At the end of the sheath is a 4 foot long silicone hose. Enjoy emptying out your bladder and letting the hot liquid run down the hose into or onto whatever you please. Play alone or with a partner; you have lots of room to stretch out the fun!

Use some lube on your shaft and the latex then stretch it over your rod and get it in place. Once on, check that the hose is secure, and then enjoy! Lay down towels, set out cups or jars for catching fluids from the hose, get a waterproof sheet or use the shower or bathtub to get wet and wild! Use the hose to pour the liquid over yourself or aim it over your favorite water-sports loving partner! To clean after use, rinse with warm water and mild soap, then use a toy cleaner and pat dry.


Penis sheath length (unstretched): 7 inches.
Penis sheath width (unstretched): 1.5 inches.
Hose length: 48 inches.

Materials: Sheath: Latex, Hose: Silicone

Color: Black

Note: Do not use with any petroleum based products. Use only water-based lubricants.

Key Features:

  • Stretchy and Durable: This latex penis sheath stretches to fit snug around your shaft and balls and is durable so you can enjoy lots of play!
  • Realistic Texture: The shape of the sheath is designed to look like a real penis so you and your partner can enjoy the look, feel and texture!
  • Long Hose: This long, silicone hose is 4 feet in length so you can really stretch out the play in creative ways!
    Perfect for Water Sports: With everything securely in place and contained, the sheath and hose make water sports so much fun!
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