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Airlock Electro Air-Lite Vented Silicone Chastity

Airlock Electro Air-Lite Vented Silicone Chastity

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AIRLOCK ELECTRO larger 2-electrode/12 position contacts chastity/bulger

Introducing the newest addition to our best-selling AIR offeringb &AIRLOCK ELECTRO. AIRLOCK ELECTRO is a super blubbery, soft cage thatb s lightweight and ventilated. A built-in sling at the base creates a snug grip and keeps AIRLOCK ELECTRO in place. Holes throughout the shaft and at the tip double as drainage holes or to fit electro contacts (two 4 MM electro contacts included). Bright color combinations and eye-catching design stand out and grab attention. The soft material and affordable price point make this cage great for newbies looking to experiment with chastity.

  • Newest addition to our AIR line
  • Features built-in sling at base
  • Made of soft, fleshy plus+SILICONEb" Includes two 4 MM electro contacts
  • Ventilation holes double for drainage or electro contacts
  • Bright color combinations and larger design stand out

Measurements and weights:
Width: 2.5b / 65mm
Height: 4.5b / 10cm
Depth: 2b /5cm
Shaft hole Circumference (inner): 3.5b / 9cm
Shaft hole Circumference (outer): 6.5b /17cm
Ball hole circumference (inner): 3.8b / 10cm
Ball hole circumference (outer): 6b /15cm
Weight: 3oz/85g

Electro post size:
Widest at top: 1b /25mm
Length: 1.3b /33mm

Weight (product+packaging): : 4.6oz/130g
Height: 5.5b / 14cm
Width:6b / 15cm
Depth:2.3b / 6cm

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